We believe in the powerful combination of authentic conversation, technology, and insight-driven data. Because we don't just talk about behavioural change, we track it using our Actionable Conversations™ platform.
Through our partnership with Actionable Conversations™, we help our clients improve employee engagement by providing team leaders with tools to drive better relationships, spark lasting behaviour change, and access real-time insights.

What makes Actionable unique is that all of this happens in a little over an hour a month.

Through the Actionable methodology, we're able to provide the 3-hit combo of: 1) Individuals developing themselves and feeling more connected to their peers; 2) Leaders looking and feeling like rockstars to their people; and 3) The organisation gaining a treasure trove of data that allows them to make more strategic decisions from a people standpoint.

Actionable Conversations™ works through a simple, three stage process of conversation, action and insight.
Here's a great video explaining how the whole process works:
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One hour, leader-led conversations that use an idea from a popular business book as a lens to address a current business challenge.

Each individual participant is making a single commitment to a behaviour change that they're going to be held accountable to by their peer group, that they can then measure and monitor over the course of a month.


Through consistent use of the platform, we're able to measure and provide insight on:

  • behaviour change

  • leader influence and impact

  • individual or manager engagement

The Shifting Learning Landscape.

Success in today's changing business environment requires a collaborative and experiential approach (20% and 70%) beyond traditional learning (10%) - but how? Learning that is responsive, flexible, practical and continuous creates positive workplace behaviour.

This is the power of Actionable Conversations.

Complement traditional classroom style learning with intelligent relationship development moments and context based application and reflection.

Call us for more detail or to discuss how Actionable Conversations™ can engage and develop your people and help support real behaviour change in your organisation.